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NEC UNIVERGE SV8500 Communications Server is a powerful enterprise communications solution capable of supporting either a pure IP or converged hybrid network. Reliable, scalable and energy-efficient, it is an advanced application server that supports voice, unified communications and mobility solutions for tens of thousands of users. Designed to easily and efficiently scale, the SV8500 meets the needs of the largest enterprises.

The Meeting Center improves teamwork, enables real-time sharing, increases employee efficiency and productivity while eliminating monthly recurring charges for hosted solutions



Meeting Center from NEC is a comprehensive collaboration solution that enables you to exchange information easily between customers and colleagues while reducing the need for travel resulting in cost savings and improved customer service.




As a part of NEC's UNIVERGE360 commitment to putting people in the center of communications, the SV8500 unifies the enterprise through the high-efficiency technology that large enterprises require. The SV8500 is the premier IP communications server for regional and global expansion, worker mobility and environmental responsibility. It offers an extensive IP feature set in a flexible, scalable, secure package.



The UNIVERGE SV8500 Communications Server provides:

  • Increased customer satisfaction and lower expenses
  • Reliable business continuity support
  • Support for open standards to simplify business process integration
  • Advanced applications
  • Compliance with green standards
  • Seamless network integration
  • Investment protection

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